Sonya Morton Firth Show

Sonya Morton Firth Show

An entrepreneur, life coach, and all around inspirational woman. Sonya, is a one a kind individual who shares in our love, fascination and genuine interest for people, and what makes people tick.  We united forces because we believe in shifting the conversation from pharmaceuticals to a more holistic approach using CBD and other natural treatments to deal with Anxiety, Stress, and PTSD. Check out Sonya’s YouTube channel and podcast: The Sonya Morton Firth Show. Her guests are truly inspiring, influential, courageous people – from spiritual leaders, veterans, to MMA fighters, and disruptor entrepreneurs. Come join our movement and help us leave the world a little better than we found it. 




Are you living in pain? Are you dealing with anxiety, stress, and other related issues because of pain? Let us introduce you to Dave Morrow! A Veteran, Coach, and Ironman Dave has dedicated his life to helping Veterans, First-Responders, and individuals elevate their health to the next level whether it be achieving a healthier lifestyle or breaking to the next level of fitness. Dave has a plan, system, and proven results to help.Teaming up with Dave and The HRD2KILL family was a no-brainer and aligned perfectly with our mission to help all those searching for something to help reduce pain, anxiety, and deal with other types of mental and physical trauma.Between combining healthier habits, exercise, and Brothers n Arms products. We hope to help change the lives of millions of Veterans, First-Responders, and individuals seeking to elevate their lives without falling into the blackhole of prescription drugs.  




Multiple Calls Podcast: Scott Hewett

Today we want to put the spotlight on one of our partners. Scott Hewlett, a 23 year, second-generation Firefighter working for a Department in Southern Ontario, Canada. He has dedicated his life to serving those who needed him the most. He splits his time between serving his community and using his platform “Multiple Calls” podcast. With a vision to provide a conduit for first-responders around the world to tell their stories. We want to recommend you joining Scott and each of his guest's journey to the job, what challenges they have faced and how they made it through the struggles. ‘Multiple calls’ is a phrase that captivates your attention because it signifies that you may find yourself in a life or death situation and you need to be functioning at your highest levels! Come enjoy some epic stories with Scott and share your support with Firefighters around the world! Don’t forget to share the gift that keeps on giving, of good health with Brothers n Arms CBD products. 




Operation Tango Romeo: Mike Meincke

The Trauma Recovery Podcast for Military, Veterans, First Responders, and their families. This podcast provides support whenever you need it, at your own pace. You will not be re-traumatized from listening, you won’t hear “war-porn” on this show. This is all about connection, peer support, and recovery. Listen at your own pace, on your own terms. Mike’s mission to help his brothers and sisters aligns so much with what we are trying to accomplish we thought it was an ideal match. We are here to join forces in the efforts to help those who have suffered trauma and are looking for a boost to change their lives. Come listen to learn, and talk to heal. When you’re ready, share your journey with others, by spreading the word about OP TR and Brothers n Arms.