A Little About The Founder

Hey everyone,

I know a lot of you know me, and a lot of you don't. So allow me to introduce myself, My names Eduardo Cardoso I'm a USMC veteran. I joined the MC when I was 17 years old out of Dallas, Texas. I still remember the day I had to convince my mom to allow me to join.

To this day I still believe it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I’ve always admired and been inspired by the military.

Growing up as a kid I always saw the bright metallic recruiting stickers, the commercials, you name it. And now looking back on it, after serving four years and two tours in Afghanistan.

I can sit here and say that what I've learned in the Military, and the tools that I've gained, have opened a door to a world of opportunities that I’ve never anticipated.

Like most of us, I wanted to have a better life, however, I wasn't sure of how to get there. Being apart of the military set me apart and provided me with the structure, discipline, and accountability that I needed to achieve my goals.

Since being out of the military I've continued on the path of self-development and growth. I knew that I wanted to create something that would not only help me but also help all those around me.

With this in mind, I knew that I wanted to create a community of veterans for veterans. If I've learned one thing in the military, it's the importance of not only having a community but a family who supports you no matter what the circumstances.

BnA is fueled by our desire to give back to the community while providing an alternative for veterans who are seeking to live healthier lifestyles. Not to mention taking a stand against the damage and destruction that large pharmaceuticals are imposing on the world.

BnA has strategically partnered with industry leaders, farmers, scientists, and veteran community leaders to deliver the highest-quality CBD products each step of the way. Initially, we are going to market with 4 lines of products, tinctures, salves, gel capsules, and of course, we can’t forget about our furry friends with a line of Pet CBD Tinctures for them as well.

If you’re ready to be apart of something that’s changing the world for the better, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and learn more about what you can do to make our world a little better.